Excerpts from a Variety of Amazing Books

Enjoy delicious excerpts of amazing books in a variety of genres.

Scroll down and take a peek:

Excerpt from the original, humorous, and highly enjoyable collection The Cat Wore Electric Goggles by Ian Hutson

Excerpt from the alluring paranormal romance Accepting Fate (Others of Seattle Book 3) by Brandy L Rivers

Excerpt from the African American novel Home by Adrienne Thompson

Excerpt from the paranormal romance Samaria: Warrior Princess by Jaxx Summers

Excerpt from the powerful collection of short stories Tales To Count On by S.R. Mallery

Excerpt from the cozy mystery Murder in Cottage #6 by Dianne Harman

Excerpt from I Can See You by Joss Landry - A gripping, paranormal suspense novel

Excerpt from Mystery/Thriller Romance Dark Shadows of the Past by Angel Sefer

Excerpt from the magical romantic erotica Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences by Muffy Wilson

Excerpt from the crime and romance thriller The Bridge to Caracas by Stephen Douglass

Excerpt from the exciting paranormal mystery/thriller The Dead Game by Susanne Leist

Excerpt from the intriguing cozy-mystery A Dead Husband by Anna Celeste Burke

Excerpt from Mystery Thriller Romance Lethal Web of Passion by Angel Sefer

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