Deadly Secrets


A quest for truth...
Helena was only eight when her father disappeared, and her life was shattered. Thirteen years later, she returns to her birthplace—the Greek island of Mykonos—on a quest to learn the truth about her father. Eerie warnings from her late mother and prophecies hidden in her grandmother’s diary compel Helena to delve into her family’s mysterious past. But well-buried secrets and a hidden mastermind plotting revenge create a deadly combination that could destroy Helena’s life.

A powerful and seductive man…
Upon discovering that the seductive Captain Dimitris Nikolaou has taken everything once belonging to her father, Helena is devastated; but in spite of his treachery, she is drawn to him like no other. As danger and passion collide, Helena realizes that nothing is what it seems.

Keeping a promise can be fatal…
Despite her desire for the irresistible captain, Helena is wary of his insistence to keep the promise he’d made to her father—the promise to marry her. Dimitris wants this feisty enchantress, and he’s used to getting what he wants. Making Helena his wife isn’t about the promise anymore—he wants her…and he’s willing to put his heart and his life at risk to keep her in his arms forever.

Editorial Reviews

“Set in the Greek Islands, this wicked plot of murder and mayhem creates a stark contrast to the pristine beauty that Angel Sefer describes when she proudly introduces us to her island home… The deadly secrets revealed created a bitter-sweet ending that was quite satisfying.” San Francisco Book Review

“There is romance in the air but the mystery that looms over Helena and the disappearance of her father makes the plot turn intriguing. It gives a depth to the story and makes the reader believe that something suspicious lurks ahead. The story is captivating and the development of the romantic chemistry between the lead characters is wonderful.” – Hunter S. Jones, Best-selling Author

“The rocky romance between Helena and Dimitris really drove the plot. The author kept the story interesting by making Dimitris compelling but not always likeable. Helena is a great heroine, torn between her attraction to Dimitris and her quest for the truth. This is a great read for anyone who enjoys a well-told mystery with an equal amount of romance” – Caroline Fardig, USA TODAY Bestselling Author

“Mystery, deception, suspense and, of course, romance were blended skillfully into an intriguing story taking place on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos” Venture Galleries

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