Wednesday, October 2, 2019

You can accomplish anything you want if you put your mind to it

Good morning, my friends and readers.

I'm so excited today and wanted to share my news with you all. Today is the first day since my knee surgery that I was able to complete forty-five minutes of dancing aerobics followed by half an hour of Karate. It might not sound like much to some of you, but it makes me feel fantastic. Like my excellent surgeon, Mr. Pantelis Nikolaou says, "you can accomplish anything you want if you put your mind to it."

My motto has always been, "sleep well, eat well, and exercise well." Well, no problem with sleep, and I try to watch what I eat "most of the time." I do, however, indulge in some pizza or dessert now and then. But after the surgery, exercising hasn't been easy. After all, I'm not a professional soccer player to get back on the field within a few months of knee surgery.

And now that I said a professional soccer player, I need to share this with you all. Ever since my little boy was born, I've been trying to teach him my motto. He's been pretty good with exercising but doesn't like sleep that much, and he indulges in sweets and potato chips now and then.

But yesterday, BOOM! A revelation! He said, "Mom, you know what? I read an interview with Cristiano Ronaldo, and he said that to keep in top shape at his age, he sleeps well, eats well, and exercises well!"

And I'm like "What? Well, okay! If Ronaldo says so, then you should do it."

Thank you, Ronaldo!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Celebrating my Birthday, here is my Special Gift to You

Age is just a state of mind; we are as old as we think we are. The best we can do is count our blessings every day and be happy. And this is what I’m going to do today, on my birthday.

There’s a special place in my heart for loved ones who are not with us anymore. But I’m thankful for my family and the abundance of love, health, and prosperity in our lives.

I want to thank my family and friends for their loving wishes and birthday presents; they make me feel loved and special. And I want to celebrate this joyful day by giving some gifts to you, my friends and fans.

For those of you who love mystery, passion, and suspense as much as I do, what better gift than mystery romance novels taking place on breathtaking Greek Islands?

So here you are:

The first ten people who post a comment here below will receive a free copy of any one of my novels they would like to read next.

Happy Birthday to me and Best Wishes to all of you, my friends!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Spring is here, and I feel like giving away some books!

These last few months have been devastating for my family and me, both physically and emotionally. We had to bear the loss of my beloved father after battling Alzheimer’s for years. We went through a dramatizing burglary. And I had an accident that severely injured my knee and had to undergo surgery.

But spring is finally here, and the breathtaking display of Mother Nature gives me hope for better days to come.

It took a lot of effort to start welcoming every new day with a smile again and have positive thoughts flooding my mind.

And what makes things even better is that I started writing again. Writing for me is like the air I breathe; I need it to feel whole again.

I’m so excited about my new novel “Eternal Soul Mates”. Yes, you guessed it right; “Eternal Soul Mates” is another mystery romance in The Greek Isles Series, taking place on the amazing Greek Island of Zakynthos.

This is the first time, I write a story about soul mates and reincarnation—two concepts that always fascinated me. “Eternal Soul Mates” is filled with mystery, suspense and of course, romance like all my other novels in The Greek Isles Series and The Alluring Love Collection. But what makes it different is that my hero and heroine have a strong karmic connection. Fate and destiny contribute to a magical romantic bliss while a deadly threat is hovering over them. As danger and passion collide, the two soul mates—unaware that they were lovers in a past life—confront each other while at the same time try to resist the compelling force that draws them together.

Feeling excited about spring and my new novel, I want to give away some books!  The first ten people who post a comment below this blog post or send me an email to will receive a free copy of any one of my novels they want to read next.

If you’re not already a member of my Free Readers Group, remember to subscribe for a chance to win more FREE e-books from my award-winning, bestselling Greek Isles Series. I pick one lucky winner each week from my subscribers’ list.

I wish you all a fantastic day!