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#1 Bestseller, winner of the Crowned Heart Award for Excellence from InD'tale Magazine, 2014 RONE Award Finalist in the Mystery Category

Reporter Jackie Alexander and Detective Michael Apostolou are forced to work together to investigate the mysterious deaths of the heirs to the incredible fortune of Greek tycoon Andreas Demiris. But their suspicions and unanswered questions are devouring them, just like their rising passion for each other.

The action unfolds in Athens and on the majestic Greek Island of Corfu in the aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea.

Spellbound in His Arms is the first novel published in the award-winning, bestselling Greek Isles Series where passion flares and danger lurks around every corner.

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Defying her mother’s eerie warnings, Helena Sistakis returns to the Greek Island of Mykonos to delve into her family’s mysterious past. Danger and passion collide as she has to confront gorgeous and enigmatic Captain Dimitris Nikolaou and the secrets he guards…

Helena was only eight when her father disappeared, and her life was shattered. Thirteen years later, she returns to her birthplace—the Greek Island of Mykonos—on a quest to learn the truth about her father. Eerie warnings from her late mother and prophecies hidden in her grandmother’s diary compel Helena to delve into her family’s mysterious past. But well-buried secrets and a hidden mastermind plotting revenge create a deadly combination that could destroy Helena’s life.

Upon discovering that irresistible Captain Dimitris Nikolaou has taken everything once belonging to her father, Helena is devastated; but in spite of his betrayal, she is drawn to him like no other. As danger and passion collide, Helena realizes that nothing is what it seems…

The action unfolds in London, Athens, and on the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Paros in the sapphire waters of the Aegean Sea.

Deadly Secrets is the second novel published in the award-winning, bestselling Greek Isles Series where passion flares and danger lurks around every corner.

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The promise of a luxurious resort with a view to an enchanting volcano, romantic sunsets, and a deep blue sea vista would make anyone jump for joy, right? But for Alexandra, Santorini is a forbidden island…

Life as an insurance agent in Atlanta—away from her eccentric and mysterious, billionaire grandfather and deadly secrets well-concealed on the Greek Island of Santorini—makes Alexandra Stewart feel safe. That is until someone seems to be on the trail of the golden heiress…

Revealing her real identity could turn lethal… And as if this threat is not enough, her boss assigns her the account of IRC—a multi-billion dollar corporation that owns residential and commercial properties, luxury resorts, and casinos, around the world. This job would be a dream come true for a lot of insurance agents. But the problem is that it requires Alexandra to visit the forbidden for her island of Santorini. Not to mention, that she has to cooperate with Mark Taylor—the sinfully handsome and enigmatic Managing Director of IRC.

Would this trip to Santorini free Alexandra of the burden she’s been carrying for so long and help her find happiness? Or would it turn into a death warrant?

The Heiress of Santorini is the third novel published in the award-winning, bestselling Greek Isles Series where passion flares and danger lurks around every corner.

From the first day they met, Angelina and Michael were destined to fall in love… But sometimes fate has other plans…

Angelina Psarianou was devastated. The love of her life, Michael Anastasiadis, was about to be engaged to her older sister, Dafni.

Angelina had been in love with Michael ever since he moved to the island of Lefkada, five years ago. But she kept her feelings a secret due to a devastating incident and the fact that her older sister, as well as most of their girlfriends, had been fighting for Michael’s love and affection.

Will the ill will of her older sister prevail, or will young love be allowed to blossom?

This romance story takes place on the Greek Island of Lefkada and is available for free download.

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