The Ionian Islands Collection Vol. 1

A special box set of passionate and intriguing mystery romance novels and novellas taking place on Greek Islands of the Ionian Sea.

Award-winning, bestseller Spellbound in His Arms
In this suspenseful tale of murder, passion, and deceit, investigative reporter Jackie Alexander ignites the fury and stirs the passion of mysterious police detective Michael Apostolou. The action unfolds on majestic Corfu in the dazzling aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea.

Christina Connors is caught in a deadly game of murder, conspiracy, and vengeance while desperately trying to conceal her real identity. Police Detective Dan Mallory puts his job and life on the line to protect this feisty enchantress from the threat hovering over her. The non-stop action and sizzling romance unfold in Atlanta, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia, and on the island of Kefalonia—the fascinating setting of ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ in the amazing aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea.

Christina Sergiani was devastated when the love of her life walked out on her without saying goodbye. Four and a half years later, Alexandros Zafiriou comes back to Ithaca—the awe-inspiring, mythical island of Odysseus—claiming Christina back. Her heart is yearning for him, but her mind tells her otherwise. He lied to her once…why should she trust him now? Alexandros came back to Ithaca to lick his wounds and try to put the shattered pieces of his life back together. But he is not alone now; he has a four-year-old little girl to take care of. How can Alexandros explain to Christina what has happened? And if he did, would she believe and forgive him?

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