Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Are we sabotaging our lives and our future?

Most of us are not satisfied with our lives and constantly, strive for more. I used to be that way and think that if I felt content and satisfied, I wouldn’t advance and would be stuck to where I was.

Years down the line, I realized how wrong I was to think like that. I came to understand that if I’m not satisfied and feel grateful for what I have right now, not only I’m unhappy, but I also don’t allow anything better to come into my life.

Our thoughts and feelings, today, shape our tomorrow. So, what was I doing to my life by been constantly unsatisfied and feeling I didn’t have what I wanted? I was trapped in a vicious cycle of constantly trying, but getting nowhere. 

When I finally started feeling better about myself and being thankful for all the good things I had, my life shifted towards better things, and positive changes began to happen.

Of course, we all learn from our own mistakes, but it doesn’t hurt to listen to an advice or two, every now and then. So, if you want, take my advice, and try to shift your thoughts and emotions towards positive things. For starters, you’ll feel better; and then, good things will start happening to you too.

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