Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Review on "Sebastian" by Christoph Fischer

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A captivating novel written by a very talented author!

Sebastian is such a wonderful, captivating story, rich in history and very intriguing characters. It takes place mainly in Vienna during World War I.

The author’s passion for this era, his extensive research, and his love for detail created a magnificent tale of strength, courage, love, and hope in the midst of a devastating war.

I fell in love with the sixteen-year-old protagonist—Sebastian—right from the start. The strength and maturity this boy exhibited after losing part of his leg, in contrast with what his mother described him to be, was fascinating. And even more fascinating was his life, his struggle with his disability, and what he managed to accomplish.

I also liked very much Oscar—his grandfather, Margit and Gerlinde—the two loves of his life, and last but not least, Vera—his mother. They were all unique in their own way.

It’s an excellent book which I highly recommend!

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