Angel Sefer's Free Readers Group

Angel Sefer's Free Readers Group

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I wish you were here…

I don’t have any brothers or sisters, but I was blessed with wonderful parents who guided me and supported me throughout life’s ups and downs. They were always there for me, especially my mom. Being a girl, I was always closer to my mom who was also my best friend.

Living in a country devastated by World War II, and both having lost their fathers at a very young age, my parents experienced very deprived childhoods. This is probably one of the reasons why they both worked day and night trying to provide the best they could for me and encouraged me to follow my dreams no matter what.

I’m blessed that my father is still with me and that my dearest mom lived long enough, to see me get my degree and professional certifications and establish a successful career as an executive in the corporate world. She also knew about my passion for writing. I have been writing mystery romance novels since the age of eighteen, and she was the one to read them first. She was elated, and of course, she loved them… after all, she was my mom.

Throughout the years, she kept on telling me never to give up. Even though, I hardly ever had time to write, first with university studies, and afterward, building my career, she always prompted me to make time for my passion. Well, now that I’m an award-winning, best-selling author, she’s not here to celebrate it with me.

I did it, mom; I made it happen. I wish you were here…