Angel Sefer's Free Readers Group

Angel Sefer's Free Readers Group

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Review on "Two Rivers (The Peacemaker Series, Book 1)" by Zoe Saadia

5 Stars 

"Gripping and informative"

"This first book in the Peacemaker Series is a wonderful beginning for the story of the Iroquois and how their confederacy came to life so many centuries ago. Well-researched and fast-paced, full of delightfully diverse, lively characters, this novel takes one along the journey into the 12th century upstate New York and Canada, and the people and nations who inhabited these lands. At the time of incessant warfare and feuds, one man saw the error of such ways and had courage to stand up for his ideas of concord and peaceful solution. But was it easy to make people listen?

In this book the future Peacemaker just begins his journey, pushed out of his own impassiveness when deciding to help out none other than a captive youth of bad reputation, a troublemaker no one trusts or believes at. Seeing in the youth something no one else did, no one but beautiful Seketa, he didn’t know what he let himself into until it was too late. The trouble both unexpected allies and the girl are facing are breathtaking, sometimes hair-raising, sometimes desperate, making one read on and on, unable to put the book down. The best of historical fiction, this novel is full of adventure while teaching us well recorded and well researched history in the most pleasant of ways."