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Angel Sefer has done it again! Another not to be missed novel in the Greek Isles Series

5.0 out of 5 stars Angel Sefer has done it again! Another not to be missed novel in the Greek Isles SeriesMay 21, 2017
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This review is from: Harbor in the Storm (The Greek Isles Series Book 6) (Kindle Edition)
I was so happy to see Harbor in the Storm get published. It is the 6th in this series and I feel like I have been waiting forever!! I have read and reviewed all the others in this series and have never been disappointed! The word imagery that describes the Greek Isles is superb--you will feel like you are there (and certainly makes me want to go there)! Each in this series can be read as a stand alone with no problem. Now I am sitting here hoping that Angel Sefer continues with this marvelous series!!!

The story lines in each and every one combines mystery with clean romance. Harbor in the Storm will make you grit your teeth or cry for Natalie as she discovers that her entire married life has been a sham. She had left her one true love when a woman told her that he was dating someone else before she met and married her husband--lie. When Daniel and she meet up by pure coincidence at the Atlanta airport is when things start heating up.

Daniel is still in love with Natalie and decides to help her when she learns her husband has been kidnapped. They travel to the place Natalie spent the majority of her childhood-the Greek island of Skiathos. What they find out will astound you. There is also a couple of things from Daniel's life that Natalie has no idea about. Will he finally tell her.

I really want everyone to read every book in this series!!

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