Friday, March 12, 2021

The Man of Your Dreams

I believe most women like a handsome man with mesmerizing eyes, a well-built body, and a sexy smile. Of course, the way we perceive beauty differs from one person to another—some prefer dark hair versus blond, skinny versus muscular, tall versus average, etc. I guess that’s the beauty of it all and what makes the world go round. We don’t all want the same type of person.

The question is, however: are a pretty face and a body to die for enough? For me, they’re not. It might be a good “introduction”, but it’s the inside beauty that matters most.

I like smart, confident, successful, and patient men with a great sense of humor.

When I say smart, I don’t mean that he has to be a genius. But, he has to be able to carry on interesting conversations and talk about more things than just how his football team performed the night before.

When I say successful, I don’t mean he has to be a millionaire. I mean that he has a good job that he enjoys. Working endless hours in a high-paying job but having no personal life is not successful in my book. Neither is doing something you love but making no income whatsoever.

In my opinion, patience is also an important virtue. As complicated as most of us women are, I don’t think any relationship can survive unless the man shows some patience and understanding. Of course, that works both ways—even though I have to admit that I’m not known for my patience.

And, of course, my dream man must have a sense of humor. Being able to laugh with your partner is a precious quality.

One last thing I haven’t mentioned so far is that I can’t stand a stingy guy. I don’t mean that he has to be spending enormous amounts of money unnecessarily or buying gifts all the time. But I would be disappointed to go out with someone who does not offer to pay for dinner or the movie theater tickets—no matter if I accept it or not.

Other just as important qualities are honesty and devotion. I can’t stand a cunning man who cheats and lies.

Speaking of the man of our dreams, investigative reporter Jackie Alexander found what she was looking for in Police Captain Michael Apostolou.

Excerpt from Spellbound in His Arms:

She’d never met anyone like him before. He was smart, strong, and brave while at the same time thoughtful and kind. Not to mention that he was the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen. Michael seemed to have all the qualities she wanted in a man and then some. And if she wanted to be honest—which she didn’t—she would have to admit that when he was around, fiery sparks flitted inside her, making her forget all about her assignment.

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