Thursday, October 21, 2021

Our visit to the Greek Island of Zakynthos (Part I)


The first time my husband and I visited Zakynthos, Joanna Williams came to me in my sleep. She wanted me—needed me—to write her story. Since that first night, my husband—always understanding and supportive—followed me around the island, watching me type away on my laptop, or write in my notebook, or even on paper napkins as the story unfolded in my mind.

Eternal Soul Mates—the heartwarming and, at the same time, heartbreaking story of Alexandros and Joanna—was published last year. This past summer, I went back to Zakynthos with my husband and my son. I wanted to return to this magnificent island—and, of course, to the famous Navagio Beach—that is a vital part of Joanna's story. This time, my little boy was with us, and he had a chance to see this enchanting place in real life and not just in our vacation photos or photos over the Internet.

It was exciting. It was breathtaking. It was touching.

At the port of Kyllini waiting for the ship to Zakynthos

On the ship to Zakynthos


At the port of Zakynthos

St. Dionysios Church, the biggest in the city, is dedicated to the protector
of the island and is located along the seashore of Zakynthos.

Lesante Classic Luxury Hotel & Spa at Tsilivi

Heading from our hotel to the beach of Tsilivi

The beach of Tsilivi

The hotel at night

Visiting the famous Navagio Beach

Unfortunately, due to Covid19 restrictions and the raging fires that devastated Greece—our visit this past summer was cut short. We were among the lucky ones, I guess, not to suffer any severe damages from the fires or get sick, but we had a lot of friends and extended family members who had to face difficult situations. So, we had to get back and lend a helping hand.

But it doesn’t matter that we had to get back earlier than planned; I feel blessed and grateful that we got to spend some time on Zakynthos and pay tribute to Joanna, whose turbulent past and present lives inspired my latest novel.

Next week, I’m going to share more photos of our visit to Zakynthos and the famous Navagio Beach.

Come back and enjoy!

About Eternal Soul Mates:

Fascinated by the concepts of soul mates and reincarnation—the eternal cycles of the soul between this world and the Other Side—I have started a new paranormal romance collection cloaked in mystery and suspense. Eternal Soul Mates is the first novel released in the Flames of Destiny Collection

Blurb of Eternal Soul Mates

In Eternal Soul Mates, the past merges with the present in a haunting and captivating story of love, loss, and betrayal.

Joanna Williams is bewildered by her mother’s mysterious past and scorching dreams of an irresistible stranger. Trying to find some answers, she visits her mother’s birthplace—the Greek Island of Zakynthos.

Alexandros Kortesis—the owner of a luxury resort on Zakynthos—is drawn to Joanna like no other. But a dark secret threatens his family’s legacy, and unfortunately, Joanna is the one trying to uncover it.

Danger and passion collide as the two soul mates—unaware that they were lovers in a past life—confront each other while at the same time try to resist the compelling force that draws them together. Will their eternal love prevail? Or will the battle against the evil guarding the secret lead them to their graves?

Eternal Soul Mates is a reincarnation romance story cloaked in mystery and suspense. The action unfolds on the Greek Island of Zakynthos—a paradise on earth, in the aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea.

The novel is available as an eBook and paperback on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and other fine booksellers everywhere.

or click on this link to start reading the book on Amazon for free

Best wishes to all of you, my friends. Stay safe and cherish your loved ones and the moments you spend with them.

Angel Sefer

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