Thursday, March 21, 2013

Practice makes you better

I won’t use the word “perfect”, since nothing and no-one is ever perfect. But the more you read and the more you write, you become better and better.  However, there is always more to learn. There are always new paths to follow, new ways and things to explore.

Reading and writing novels for most of the writers is a passion. It’s not just a job, a hobby or a way to pass the time. It’s a “need”.

And if you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing, you can be average, but you can never be real good at it. I believe that loving what you do, gives you by far a competitive advantage. Why? Because it drives you to acquire more knowledge about your field, think about more innovating ways of doing things, spend more hours researching and not getting tired or fed up, and so on and so forth… And this is what makes you special – this is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

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