Friday, July 26, 2013

#five #star #review by C. Aspenson for my novel "Spellbound in His Arms"

5.0 out of 5 stars
 Good ReadJuly 25, 2013
I'm up for reading anything with a setting in a country to which I've traveled. I loved Corfu so that location for starters, drew me in.

This is a great read for anyone who likes romance/mysteries. The mystery part of the plot was well written and carried the story. The setting wasn't so much in Corfu as it was in an old mansion in Corfu but the author did a good job at making me feel as if I was there.

The love story part of this book is does exactly what it's supposed to creates a fantasy of which so many women at first site. Michael immediately falls for Jackie, a connection he felt because of her appeal to his eyes. I love the fantasy of that but know that kind of love, for me is very much not reality. Do I believe in love at first site? No, but that's exactly why I like to read about it.

I don't read books to learn about far away places. I don't read books to be educated (unless of course that is their job). I read books to be taken to another place, to be a fly on the wall of a fictional life, to watch it weave a web and find an ending. If you read books for similar reasons, this is a lovely read and completely does that.

The book was well written and I believe can be read by people who don't have strong reading or comprehension skills. I don't normally put something like that in a review but for this book I think it's important to point it out. Why? Because while the book has some twists and turns, it's an easy read and wouldn't overwhelm someone who might struggle with words. The writer doesn't use big words in unnecessary places to prove she's a writer. That, for me, makes it a good read for anyone who needs an escape.

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