Friday, August 16, 2013

My Review on "The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Armada" by Damian Stevenson


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reviewVery interesting book!!!
The book grabbed my attention from the very beginning. I am not big in WWII stories, however I love James Bond, and this book was another James Bond exciting adventure. Damian Stevenson is a clever author with wonderful writing skills. He used the famous author Ian Fleming of the Bond Novels as his main character. The stories are thrilling and suspenseful exactly like James Bond.
I thought it was astounding that Ian Fleming used his personal experiences to produce some of the most successfully books and movies in the world. Stevenson did a great job in researching Ian Fleming's life and letting us, the readers, take a pick at the details of his very interesting life.
As an Intelligence Agent for the British Royal Navy, he was dispatched to France to meet with the French commander with a Bona Fide Offer. While there he finds himself right in the middle of the German invasion of Paris. His major interest was make sure that the French ships come under the British control, rather than falling in the hands of the Germans.
His adventures, the espionage, and the dangerous spy activities are not much different than the ones you find in the Bond movies. This is the reason that Damien Stevenson's book is exciting, enjoyable, and noteworthy.
I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I would recommend it to everyone.

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