Thursday, March 27, 2014

Romantic Mystery & Suspense Novels

Romance is alluring and makes us feel wonderful, and so is mystery. That’s why I love romantic mystery and suspense novels. There’s nothing like a good romance story, with the right mix of mystery, adventure and suspense, to keep your interest on “high alert”. However, the setting and time of the story is just as important to me. The “where” and “when” play a major role in the development of the story, as well as how the reader perceives it.

Reading a good romance and suspense story is fascinating. Furthermore, if it takes place in an exotic backdrop, it’s hard to resist. This way, besides the development of the romance and the solving of the mystery, the reader is actually “given the bonus” of “visiting” an enchanting destination and experiencing an “imaginary journey”.

My romantic mystery and suspense novel “Spellbound in His Arms” — the first novel in “The Greek Isles Series” — takes place on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu — a place of unparalleled beauty, culture and history… 

In this novel, while sharing with my readers the development of the romance between my hero and heroine and the unfolding of the mystery surrounding the deaths of the heirs of a Greek tycoon, I also take the opportunity to share the unbelievable experience of visiting the Greek island of Corfu — a place of impeccable beauty, where nature spreads lavishly hundreds of shades of green and blue, and in which centuries of Greek tradition coexists harmoniously with European influences.

“Deadly Secrets” — the second novel in “The Greek Isles Series” — will be published soon by Booktrope.

I hope my readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them.

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