Monday, November 10, 2014

"Great collection"

Another 5 Star Review for The Greek Isles Collection:

"Spellbound in His Arms" by Angel Sefer is a great romantic suspense story set on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. The story throws the reader in at the deep end with investigative reporter Jackie Alexander being caught breaking and entering in a mansion while trying to find information about a series of 'accidents'. The suspicious events are eliminating heirs to a family fortune in Greece and Jackie's wants to prevent further deaths by taking matters in her own hand.

Caught by the very attractive detective Michael Apolstolou she soon joins forces with him but the relationship between them remains 'complicated'.

The story is written so smoothly and well paced that I hardly noticed the time passing. The chemistry between the characters is right there from the start but Sefer has thankfully added a few more threads to the complex plot to keep readers intrigued and involved beyond the romance story.

With a love for detail the author describes the life of the rich, the corrupt and the powerful, the evil doers and their intrigues, distrust and often unhappy lives.

Romance and mystery lovers are being served well here with great suspense and a strong romance between the two main characters taking centre stage in an exciting and passionate crime novel.

Great entertainment.

"The Heiress of Santorini" by Angel Sefer is another excellent instalment in her Greek Island Series. In a very Greek tradition the book is a firework of suspense, intrigue, secrecy, jealousy, revenge, deceit and desire.

Alexandra Stewart is sent to Santorini on an important and prestigious work assignment but it throws her into a net of conflicts of interest and confronts her with some of her family's past and cast out family members.

This story is well plotted written with excellent passion, chemistry and suspense. The sense of mystery and secrets to be uncovered starts on page one and never lets off. Like the Greek islands, each book in this series has its own flavour and this one is as explosive and simmering as a volcano.

A must read for fans of romantic suspense.

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