Friday, November 28, 2014

Read Reader's Favorite wonderful review on Spellbound in His Arms

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Investigative reporter Jackie Alexander uses her wits and experience to tackle a family mystery in Spellbound in His Arms by Angel Sefer. Someone is killing all of the heirs to the Demiris properties and fortune in idyllic Corfu, Greece. It's up to Jackie to prevent her cousin from being the next victim. Jackie quickly finds herself transfixed by the prowess and secrets of Michael, a private detective from Athens, who is working on the same case for different reasons. Jackie and Michael can’t afford to let attraction get in the way of their quest to uncover who is behind the Demiris murders, but both struggle with this battle while facing treachery from unknown parties. Can they prevent themselves from becoming the next victims of a ruthless killer? Can they fight the unexplained passions that arise amidst so much danger and uncertainty in a paradise where no one can be trusted?

Spellbound In His Arms is a fast-paced and action-packed page turner. Angel Sefer takes you into the serene beauty of the Ionian Sea, a quick Mediterranean vacation from the office grind. Sefer’s characters' intriguing backgrounds and hot tempers make for an interesting and suspenseful plot. Spellbound In His Arms propels you onward, shifting back and forth across the beautiful island nation. Sefer spins a riveting tale of deceit, murder, and love at first sight. Not your typical love story, Spellbound In His Arms is perfect for those who enjoy animal magnetism based romances.

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