Friday, February 27, 2015

In response to your queries regarding The Greek Isles Collection

In response to your emails and Facebook messages regarding The Greek Isles Collection, please note that as I have explained in previous posts the collection cannot be available any longer. Since Spellbound in His Arms—the first novel included in The Greek Isles Collection—was reissued by Amazon Publishing, it could no longer be a part of the collection published by Booktrope.

But don’t worry, all three books included in the collection:
  • Spellbound in His Arms published by Amazon Publishing,
  • Deadly Secrets published by Booktrope, and 
  • The Heiress of Santorini also published by Booktrope
are still available as individual purchases both in ebook and paperback formats.

In addition, Dark Shadows of The Past, the fourth mystery romance novel in The Greek Isles Series, will soon be released by Booktrope.

Here is the blurb:

Dark Shadows of The Past

A deadly conspiracy…
Stunning jewelry designer Christina Connors wakes up laying on a freezing hard surface surrounded by spine-chilling darkness. Realizing she is dumped in an alley next to a dead body, she searches her mind for answers of how she got there but it’s terrifyingly blank. As the fog lifts, memories of dreadful events come crashing down on her.

A secret identity…
Christina finds herself caught in a deadly game of conspiracy, murder, and vengeance. She must discover how to play the game while concealing her real identity as Sophia Rosetti, the daughter of Mafia lord Paolo Rosetti.

Love or betrayal…
Seductively handsome police detective Dan Mallory takes over Christina’s case and vows to protect the feisty enchantress. But when her real identity is revealed, the betrayal is mind blowing. Who is Christina really? Is she the innocent victim running for her life, or is she a deceitful charmer who stole his heart and led him into a conspiracy that could cost him not only his job but also his life.

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