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Monday, March 9, 2015

Excerpt from paranormal romance novel Arielle Immortal Struggle (The Immortal Rapture Series Book 7) by Lilian Roberts


ARIELLE OPENED HER EYES gradually. Her brain was clouded and utterly disoriented. She felt overwhelmingly fatigued and found it very difficult to keep awake. Her eyes moved sluggishly around the poorly lit room, but nothing seemed familiar. Her mind was blurry, filled with jumbled up images. She clenched her eyes shut, thinking she was dreaming, but when she opened them again, the surroundings hadn’t changed. What is happening to me? Her brain cells seemed to be completely stripped of oxygen, she couldn’t remember a thing, and she couldn’t think straight. Where am I? How did I get here? Who brought me here? Where is here? There seemed to be no electrical impulses traveling between her brain neurons. She had all these questions but no answers. Lifting her arms, fists clenched, she rubbed her eyes back and forth, trying to amass her faculties.
Minutes seemed to tick by and panic settled in, paralyzing every muscle in her body. Nothing made sense. The sensation deepened and she tried to block the anxiety unsuccessfully. Something was terribly wrong, but the wall between her physical body and her consciousness seemed to be temporarily impenetrable.
She lay on that bed motionless, but for how long, she wasn’t sure. Muddling through her vague thoughts, she tried to make sense of her present situation. She searched around the room one more time and inhaled deeply. She couldn’t gather her bearings. Silence dragged for what she thought was a century. A century. Century. The word seemed to be moving inside her brain and bouncing around like a Ping-Pong ball. Why does that word seem to strike a chord?
Her heart pounded against her chest, her brain spinning out of control. God, what is happening to me? Where am I? Why can’t I muddle through this fog in my head? Abruptly, she was startled by a set of deep emerald eyes, intercepting her thoughts and steeling her breath away. The striking face of a man emerged from the depths of her soul and found its way through to the forefront of her vision and jolted her mind to consciousness. It was almost like throwing an enormous surge of power into an electrical device by plugging it into a wall socket.
Arielle was paralyzed by the vision. “Sebastian!” she cried out, brought back from oblivion to reality. She closed her eyes as a surge of warmth and passion for him gushed through her veins and settled deep in the pit of her stomach. Where is he? Does he know that I am here? Is he trying to find me? A wave of shattering pain ripped right through her body, leaving her empty, lonely, and scared. Oh Sebastian, where are you? She whimpered anxiously and started to sob.
Vivid memories started trickling into her brain. The last thing she remembered was fighting for breath. Someone had grabbed her while standing at the campus parking lot by the car. She recalled the frantic struggle to break free from her attacker’s chokehold. She winced at the thought, and her body tensed as panic settled deep into her bones. Lifting her arm, she glanced at her wristwatch. It was 2:35 in the afternoon. It had been over an hour and a half since she had walked back to the car to retrieve her mobile phone. “Who did this?”
Supported by her elbows, she pushed against the bed and propped herself up gradually. She searched for something that appeared familiar, but nothing was coming back. A wave of anguish ripped through her, ramming her heart into her throat. Where in bloody hell am I?
She inhaled deeply, scrambling to distinguish between reality and a dream. She sat up, and her eyes flicked to the window. It was raining, and the sky was a dark gray. Who could possible want to keep me a prisoner and why?
It didn’t take long and, suddenly, she gasped for breath. Icy fingers crawled slowly down her spine as a name, distorted but very familiar, flashed in front of her like a bright neon sign. Bile rose to her throat quickly, and nausea threatened. Annabel! Annabel! Oh, God, it’s Annabel. This was the year for their wedding and she was not going to allow her to marry Sebastian.
She fell back on the bed and threw her arm over her eyes. Tears streamed down the sides of her face and into her ears as fear raced across her body, and her hand moved swiftly to her neck. Her eyes widened in sheer shock and horror invaded every fiber of her body. Her necklace was not there. Oh...God..., she muttered, hopelessness taking over. Reality crashed into her skull like a thunderbolt and pressure generated a stinging pain behind her eyelids. She was trembling with fright, knowing that she was alone and helpless against an unbreakable immortal.
Forced gasps escaped her and scattered through the stillness of the room. “Why would she bring me here?” she thought out loud, scrutinizing her surroundings like a wild animal trapped in a steel cage. And where is here? Fear surged though her body and her muscles tensed to a painful point. Desperation and terror seeped deep into her bone marrow, and her heart pounded the walls of her chest like a sledgehammer.
She couldn’t just lie here; she had to do something to escape, but how? She sprang up, swung her legs over the edge of the bed, and struggled to her feet only to almost collapse. The floor swayed beneath her feet and she grabbed on to the nightstand to steady herself.
Trembling, she tried to bring in her mind a glimpse of something to help her, something like her book bag or her mobile, but the room was sadly bare but for the furnishings. How am I to contact anyone? She stood in the middle of the room unmoved with a lot of undefined, perplexing, and diverse feelings. She felt isolated and desperate.
Words couldn’t define the rush of emotions that surged through her body and shook her thoughts. She was trying hard to embrace the uncertainty that was enveloping her, and all she could feel was her world crumbling at her feet and disappearing into another universe. Looking through a vortex portal into this new universe, all she saw was chaos and devastation. She couldn’t distinguish between reality and fantasy. Her heart was pounding her chest in a painful way. She needed Sebastian to lean on; she needed the safe sanctuary he provided, the warmth of his embrace, and his soft voice telling her that everything was going to be fine.


A desperate abduction…
Sebastian Gaulle has been targeted by the Russian Mafia, who will stop at nothing to force him into giving up documents containing his company’s most valuable secrets. Sebastian has always outsmarted them before, but now they’ve taken the thing he holds most dear, his beloved fiancĂ©e Arielle Lloyd.

A coordinated strike…
Sebastian is consumed with worry and determined to rescue his only love, but even after she’s safe in his arms the threat to her and everyone they love will not end until the criminal organization is eliminated for good. With the help of his immortal allies, Sebastian leads a global attack on the Mafia’s goons, saving the most deadly foes for himself.

An immortal wedding…
Eva and Ian are finally getting their dream wedding, and Arielle and Sebastian couldn’t be happier for their friends. Arielle wants nothing more than to tie the knot with her own dream man, but will the immortal villain Annabel ever allow that to happen or will she torment Arielle until she ultimately succeeds in taking her life?

About the Author:
Lilian Roberts is a corporate engineer. College, marriage, the corporate world, and a beloved daughter kept Lilian's writing on the back burner for many years. It wasn't until later on in life that she decided to sit in front of the computer and finally put her thoughts on paper. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, and her golden retriever. She is an avid reader and loves novels that feature characters draped in passion, mystery, and adventure. She is especially fascinated with the concept of immortality.

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