Friday, November 10, 2017

“I made the grave mistake to ignore the warnings once…"

Helena shivered and clenched her fists. What’s wrong with me? She’d never experienced anything like this before. And now, she had those feelings growing stronger every day. She felt as if she was losing control of her emotions… And all that over him—the person who’d stolen her family’s fortune.
Anxiously, she got out of bed and walked out on the balcony. Taking a deep breath, she let her eyes wander over the vast body of the sea. The dark color of the waters reflected the emotions tormenting her soul. Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the soft caress of the night breeze on her face and body, and the coolness of the tiles on her bare feet. She hugged herself while enticing thoughts whirled around in her mind…images of him holding her in his arms, gluing her to his rock hard body, caressing her back and arms
Bewildered, she snapped out of it. Trying to shift her thoughts away from him, she thought about Alex. He seemed nice and so much easier to get along with than Dimitris. But even when she was alone with Alex, her intimate thoughts kept on going back to Dimitris. Why was he so upset with her? She knew that Greeks had a strong sense of honor, but Dimitris wasn’t her father or her husband. He had no reason to get so upset over finding her alone with Alex. There was nothing going on, but even if it was, it was none of his business. Or was it? A soft voice kept on whispering in the back of her head. What was going on? Why did she have this feeling she’d done something wrong? What was this overwhelming feeling that in some way she belonged to him?
Enough with this nonsense, Helena thought. She was sick and tired of being carried away by her emotions and the strange premonitions she would have from time to time.
Her mother used to tell her she’d inherited this gift from her grandmother, Eleana, who passed away only a few months after Erin married Angelos. In the short time her mother-in-law spent with them, Erin grew fond of the wise, old lady who helped her overcome her anxiety and fears and blend in with the people on the island. She seemed to know so much about so many things…about life itself, and Erin enjoyed every minute of their endless conversations whenever Angelos was away on business.
According to Erin, Eleana had premonitions about certain people and upcoming events. She seemed to have known about Erin meeting her son and getting married to him, years before it actually happened. And Erin had seen proof of it… Those events were all written down in the old lady’s diary. And there were a lot more things written down in that diary… Things her mother never wanted to talk about. But she would warn Helena from time to time to be careful. After they’d gone to England, she would keep on urging her never to go back to the island.
Helena shivered, thinking of her mother’s face—weak and pale— staring at her with eyes wide open from anxiety, and squeezing her arm desperately, asking her to promise to stay away from Mykonos. She remembered her fainting voice saying: “I made the grave mistake to ignore the warnings once…and paid for it dearly. I would never make that mistake again…”
Even though it was summertime, all of a sudden, Helena was freezing. She hastily went back inside, closing the French doors behind her.
Absentminded, she turned and glanced at the glass panel of the doors. Oh, my God! Bewildered, she saw her mother’s figure, standing behind her in a long, sparkling white dress…
The hairs on the back of Helena’s neck stood up. Mom! She turned abruptly and looked behind her… Nobody was there. I need to grab hold of myself, Helena contemplated, feeling her mouth going dry. My vivid imagination is playing games with me, again. If I go on like this, I’ll end up going crazy…
She sat on her bed and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. Please… she pleaded, not knowing if she was inwardly talking to her mother or anyone else in particular. I need some help…
Her eyes flew open as she sensed a cold breeze sweeping right through her. Mystified, she looked at the French doors. They were closed. Turning her head, she took a glimpse of a transparent, female figure dressed in white, standing—or rather floating—in front of the painting on the wall.
Helena blinked, and the vision disappeared into thin air. She took a sharp intake of breath. What was that? She could swear she saw someone. Was that Mom? No, she thought and stared at the painting. Astonished, she realized the figure she’d seen resembled the angel in the painting. Now I know there’s something wrong with me, she thought, worryingly.
Feeling all shaken inside, she stood up and hesitantly approached the painting. Standing in front of it, she examined it closely and froze… “How come I didn’t see that before?” she whispered, and bewildered stared at the angel in the painting. It was a portrait of her grandmother, Eleana. Helena was left speechless
Stepping back, she sat down on the bed and looked at the picture as if seeing it for the first time. It was unbelievable… Years before she was even born, her grandmother had painted Helena at the age of eight, with the sadness in her eyes from losing her father, and herself—as an angel—watching over Helena from Heaven.
“Grandma…” she whispered and sensed a soft breeze like a caress on her cheek. She didn’t care if it was real or not. It felt real, and it made Helena feel wonderful. The bliss spreading inside her was an unbelievable experience...

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A powerful and seductive man…
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