Friday, March 22, 2013

Before I became a writer…

Before I became a writer, even before the thought ever crossed my mind, I was a reader – an avid reader - and still am.

It was my favorite pass time to sit down somewhere cozy with a novel and get lost in the wonderful world of imagination. I loved stories with a nice blend of romance and suspense, taking place in beautiful settings, with strong characters and interesting plots with all loose ends nicely tied up in the end. I enjoyed reading about beautiful, smart, courageous heroines that were swept off their feet by larger than life heroes.

When I write my novels, unconsciously I keep in mind those things that make me love a novel and keep on turning pages. I write stories that I would love to read, about heroes and heroines that would fascinate me, if they were another writer’s work.

Needless to say, that I love writing as much as I love reading, maybe even more…

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  1. I think that these are the exact same things that make most of us love a novel. I like the way you think Angel and I will definitely read your novels, when published.