Friday, July 18, 2014

I would appreciate your opinion…

I have been an avid reader, all my life. Ever since I can remember myself, I would read every romance, mystery, detective, crime, or adventure story I could get my hands on. I enjoy following the characters through the twists and turns of the plot, sharing their thoughts, and experiencing their feelings.

Some people enjoy drama, others comedy, others suspense… After all, we all have different taste. That’s what makes the world go round. Some people like it when they are questions left unanswered and issues to contemplate over, at the end of the novel. That’s an interesting concept. However, I prefer it when all questions are answered, all matters are settled, and only a feeling of happiness is left. I love books where everything ties up nicely in the end, honesty and justice prevail, and make me smile. It doesn’t matter if there is sadness, heartache, and suspense along the way, as long as when the time comes, there is a happy ending. I feel happy when the main characters solve their issues, find justice, and achieve their goals.

I would appreciate your opinion about happy endings—do you prefer a happy ending in a novel or not? Does it stay longer with you when a question is left unanswered? Does an issue left outstanding provoke more thinking?

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