Friday, January 2, 2015

My Review on "The Passion Thief" by Anne McCarthy Strauss

5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful book with an extraordinary ending! December 24, 2014
By Angel
Format:Kindle Edition
There are millions of women who would love to be married to Stan Boomer, a solid, kind executive with wealth and financial security. Unfortunately, after 23 years of marriage, it’s Stan’s wife Betty who is questioning the marriage. Although she is a globe-trotting journalist, she is bored. International assignments, the finest food and wine, and even a fling with her college boyfriend don’t give this woman what she’s seeking.

In truth, I found Betty so self-centered and me-oriented, I would have put the book down if it weren’t for the great story telling. I’m glad I stayed around. As the book delves into the demons that drive Betty to do what she does, a whole new character emerges. The choice she makes to change her ways is surprising and encouraging.

Stay with The Passion Thief. It won’t disappoint, and you may learn more than you expected.

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