Angel Sefer's Free Readers Group

Angel Sefer's Free Readers Group

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cover Reveal for Dark Shadows of the Past (The Greek Isles Series Book 4)

This is the amazing cover of “Dark Shadows of the Past”—another awesome work of art by my fantastic designer, Shari Ryan!

Dark Shadows of the Past is the fourth novel in The Greek Isles Series to be published soon by Booktrope.

The Plot:
Dazzling Christina is caught in a deadly game of conspiracy, murder, treachery, and vengeance while desperately trying to conceal her real identity. Seductively handsome police detective Dan puts his job and life on the line to protect this feisty enchantress from the threat hovering over her. The non-stop action and steamy romance unfolds in Atlanta, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia, and the island of Kefalonia—the fascinating setting of “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” in the amazing aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea.

Read the blurb here