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Friday, June 13, 2014

A 4.48 Rating on Goodreads for Mystery Romance "Spellbound in His Arms"!

Spellbound in His Arms (The Greek Isles Series, #1)


Here are some of the ratings and reviews for "Spellbound in His Arms" by readers on Goodreads:

"Spellbound in His Arms" by Angel Sefer is a great romantic suspense story set on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. The story throws the reader in at the deep end with investigative reporter Jackie Alexander being caught breaking and entering in a mansion while trying to find information about a series of 'accidents'. The suspicious events are eliminating heirs to a family fortune in Greece and Jackie's wants to prevent further deaths by taking matters in her own hand.
Caught by the very attractive detective Michael Apolstolou she soon joins forces with him but the relationship between them remains 'complicated'.
The story is written so smoothly and well paced that I hardly noticed the time passing. The chemistry between the characters is right there from the start but Sefer has thankfully added a few more threads to the complex plot to keep readers intrigued and involved beyond the romance story.
With a love for detail the author describes the life of the rich, the corrupt and the powerful, the evil doers and their intrigues, distrust and often unhappy lives.
Romance and mystery lovers are being served well here with great suspense and a strong romance between the two main characters taking centre stage in an exciting and passionate crime novel.
Great entertainment.

I finished reading "Spellbound in his Arms" in a single day. Trust me, that was not my intention. My very busy schedule allows me to read while I commute to work and just a bit in bed, before my eyes slide shut and my Kindle hits me on the nose. Well, that wasn't the case here. I stayed up well after my usual bedtime because I just had to finish this riveting story. Angel Sefer weaves an intricate story full of twists, turns, mistrust and unexpected surprises that come down in a torrent from the very first page! The reader has barely time to pause and breathe in the intoxicating bougainvillea aromas or take in the wonderful Corfiat scenery, and yet another gunshot makes investigative reporter Jackie Alexander take flight. Most of the times though, she runs right into gorgeous detective's Michael Apostolou's arms. If only she could be sure where he stands in this web of manipulative, deadly heirs and their victims that keep adding up.

If you enjoy suspenseful romances set against an exotic island setting, "Spellbound in his Arms" is just the book for you. Note: this is a sweet romance.

Spellbound in His Arms by Angel Sefer

When I was growing up, I could not wait for the next Helen MacInnes novel to appear on the shelves of our school library. When I discovered Spellbound by Angel Sefer I realized I had found another author who had the ability to blend romance, mystery and an interesting location into a captivating plot.

The main character in Spellbound is an investigative reporter named Jackie Alexander, who travels from Atlanta to Greece to investigate a dangerous and puzzling mystery. Her visit to the Demiris estate on the Island of Corfu, immediately plunges her into jeopardy. Jackie needs to examine some documents locked away in the mansion, but encounters an intruder on her arrival at the isolated estate. The intruder is Michael Apostolou, a police detective, who has the same intentions as Jackie, but apparently for a different reason. Jackie and Michael are instantly attracted to each other, but there are too many unanswered questions to allow them to trust each other.

This book is fast paced, but surprisingly easy to read. I found myself racing through the pages, then scrolling back to reread and savor each twist and turn in the plot. The geographic details supply just the right amount of information to make you aware of the exotic surroundings without slowing down the flow of the story. Romance, suspense, and mystery supply the reader with an interesting combination that is hard to beat. Five stars from me for a story well done. This debut novel from Ms Sefer is one you don’t want to miss. I am looking forward to many others as this series continues.

Loved the book!!!

I downloaded “Spellbound in your arms” looking for wonderful novel, intrigued by the title and the beautiful book cover. I fell in love with Angel Sefer’s novel. She has a wonderful writing style and the plot was extremely appealing.

She interweaves with an amazing skill, mystery, danger, romance and a lot of unexpected twists and turns. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery.

The story takes place on a beautiful Greek Island. Jackie a beautiful investigative reporter and Michael a very attractive detective find themselves thrown together in this intriguing plot, trying to solve a murder that has put the heirs to an incredible fortune of Greek Tycoon Andreas Demiris in gave danger.

I was totally captivated and drawn to the story like a magnet. I just couldn’t put the book down. I was charmed by the amazing job Anger Sefer did to help you feel the emotions of her characters and keep you glued to the pages.

The simmering desire that develops between Jackie and Michael is wonderful. It is a real page-turner. At the end of the story I found myself wanting more…I am hoping there is another book coming from the same author. 

I know you shouldn't judge a book its cover, but I fell for this book when I first saw it anyway. I love how the author describes the characters falling in love at first sight. I completely believe in this and have experienced it myself. It's a wonderful feeling that is difficult to capture, but the author does it well. This book also made me fall in love with Corfu, the Greek Island where the hero and heroine spend on a roller coaster ride of kidnapping, passion, daring escapes, and searching for hidden treasure.

I found the romance and thrills blended well together. It's not always easy to write a book that appeals to both romance fans and people who enjoy a good mystery/thriller, but I think the author pulled it off. I'm looking forward to reading more in the Greek Isles Series.

I'm up for reading anything with a setting in a country to which I've traveled. I loved Corfu so that location for starters, drew me in.

This is a great read for anyone who likes romance/mysteries. The mystery part of the plot was well written and carried the story. The setting wasn't so much in Corfu as it was in an old mansion in Corfu but the author did a good job at making me feel as if I was there.

The love story part of this book is does exactly what it's supposed to creates a fantasy of which so many women at first site. Michael immediately falls for Jackie, a connection he felt because of her appeal to his eyes. I love the fantasy of that but know that kind of love, for me is very much not reality. Do I believe in love at first site? No, but that's exactly why I like to read about it.

I don't read books to learn about far away places. I don't read books to be educated (unless of course that is their job). I read books to be taken to another place, to be a fly on the wall of a fictional life, to watch it weave a web and find an ending. If you read books for similar reasons, this is a lovely read and completely does that.

The book was well written and I believe can be read by people who don't have strong reading or comprehension skills. I don't normally put something like that in a review but for this book I think it's important to point it out. Why? Because while the book has some twists and turns, it's an easy read and wouldn't overwhelm someone who might struggle with words. The writer doesn't use big words in unnecessary places to prove she's a writer. That, for me, makes it a good read for anyone who needs an escape.