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Do you believe in ghosts?

Book Excerpt

They lost track of time, and when they finally left the cave, they were surprised to see the sky covered with heavy clouds. Alex was alarmed and told Helena they had to get out of there immediately. That's when they heard the first thunder. They picked up their stuff in a hurry and carried it to the boat.
By the time Alex started the engine, the wind was howling, and the boat was rocking pretty badly. Helena sat in the back, holding on tightly to her seat as her stomach was doing flips. Alex was fighting the wind and the waves. He was trying hard to keep the boat away from the rocks, but the wind wouldn’t let them get farther out. She wanted to help but didn’t know how as she knew nothing about boats.

It seemed they were at the same place forever. The wind got even stronger, and it was pouring down with rain. Soaked to the bone, Helena was freezing and petrified… I should have listened to Martha. She knew they would be worried about her, but nobody could come to their rescue until morning.
"We have to go back," Alex yielded. "There’s no way we can make it in this weather. We’ll go back and find shelter in the cave for the night."
Helena knew he was right. Then again, she hated the thought of spending the night in the wet and cold cave with no supplies or dry clothes. She knew she would be sick by next morning, but better sick than dead. So she had to agree with Alex to go back. After all, what other choice did they have?

Alex was trying to turn the boat around. All of a sudden, they crushed into the rocks. The boat rocked violently. Helena lost her balance and found herself in the water. When the initial shock was over, she started fighting for her life. The waves were pulling her under, and she couldn’t breathe
Something hit her on the back, and she screamed. It was a piece of wood from the boat. She was already tired, so she desperately grabbed hold of it to rest her aching legs and arms. She had to find Alex.
Calling out for him, she scanned her surroundings. Parts of the boat were floating around her, but Alex was nowhere to be found. She called out his name again and heard something to her right. Swimming towards there, she saw him floating a few feet away, holding on to a piece of wood from the boat. She got near him and saw he was in worse shape than her. There was blood on his forehead; he must have hit it when the boat crashed into the rocks.
"We have to make it to the beach," Helena yelled, in order to be heard over the howling of the wind.
"You go ahead,” Alex said. "I can't make it. I’m too tired already."
"I’ll help you," Helena yelled at him, trying to sound reassuring.
"No!" he yelled back. "You go ahead. You’ll never make it with me."
Helena wasn’t listening. She grabbed hold of the piece of wood he was holding on and started kicking her legs towards the beach. She was exhausted and aching all over, but she wasn’t about to give up. I have to help him. I just can’t leave him behind.

She tried as hard as she could but didn’t make it far. The wind and the waves were working against her. Her arms were numb, and she could no longer feel the wood beneath her skin. Her grip was weakening, and she’d been kicking for so long, that now her legs barely rippled the water with their movements. Devastated, she realized that the fortune teller had been right… She was going to die.
The water felt so cold now, and after it closed over her face, she shut her eyes. Despite her desire to fight, her body could no longer resist the fury of the storm. Her lungs burned fiercely as she sank farther. Dots blurred her vision, but she could see her mother’s figure submerged just beyond arm’s reach. Erin was so beautiful, surrounded by a brilliant light that shone through the darkness. Mommy, Helena inwardly screamed, struggling earnestly to touch her mother’s extended hand…
Just as she made contact, the vision gripped her wrist and pulled her upwards. Terror shot through her as she remembered that her mother was dead and not in the sea with her. As her face breached the surface, she inhaled sharply and tried to yank her hand away from whatever had caught her. She fought with a wellspring of strength she didn’t know she had...

End of the excerpt

I hope you have enjoyed this excerpt of mystery romance bestseller Deadly Secrets.

Do you believe in ghosts? Read the book to find out who else was with Helena in the raging sea during the storm.

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