Friday, July 26, 2013

My Review for "Unfinished Business" by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Unfinished Business; An Angela Panther Novel

rating5 of 5 stars
formatPaperback (edit)
reviewGREAT BOOK!!!
A friend of mine suggested that I pick up a copy of this book. She said it was a great read filled with a mixture of wonderful emotions. She was absolutely right. I found myself drawn to the plot like moth to light. I was unable to find a spot that would allow me to put the book down and pick it up later. I kept reading while my emotions churned wildly from laughter to crying to utter pleasure.
The horrid emotion of losing someone you love more than life brought unstoppable tears to my eyes. My thoughts turn to my mother who I lost a few years ago under horrible circumstances. I felt Angela Panther’s emotions and I was thankful that someone brought this book to my attention.
Carolyn Aspenson has done a terrific job in delivering exactly what the reader is expecting to see in a good book. On one hand, she is reminding all of us that life is precious and death should make us appreciate the time that we have left on this earth, and on the other hand how to cope with the loss of a loved one.
What I loved about the story was the fact that after going through the sad emotion and the good cry, you find yourself chuckling with some of the conversations. The characters are great the conversations wonderful and the sentiment beyond expectation. It was a page turner and I would have loved to see more pages at the end of the book. It is fabulous! It is enjoyable! It is all you will be asking for in a book. (less)

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