Friday, July 26, 2013

My Review for "Between Boyfriends" by Sarka-Jonae Miller

Between Boyfriends

rating5 of 5 stars
statusRead in July, 2013
formatebook (edit)
reviewAn amazing book!!!
I really enjoyed this interesting and amusing book. At first site, Jan seems to be a spoiled, rich girl, who is used in having everything taken care for her. But as I kept on reading, I realized that this was just on the surface. She is actually a lonely, insecure person, who has not really felt love and acceptance from her parents and growing up, she has trouble loving and accepting other people and above all, loving and accepting herself.
I believe the author has done an amazing job, presenting the way Jan used to be and the way she changed and took control of her life.
I strongly recommend this book!

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