Friday, July 26, 2013

My Review on "Defending A King" by Dr. Karen Moriarty

Defending a King His Life & Legacy

rating5 of 5 stars
formatPaperback (edit)
I never bought a book about Michael Jackson, because I thought that the newspapers and the TV had already said everything there was to know about the man. A friend of mine told me that the book “Defending a King” was worth purchasing and so I did. She said that I would be surprised about facts in the book that were never discussed on TV or written in a newspaper. I have to admit that I started to read the book but I really didn’t believe a word that my friend told me.
It didn’t take long and I found myself glued to the pages, shocked to find out details about the man that I never knew. Karen Moriarty has layed Michael’s life and legacy wide open in the pages of this amazing book. I don’t think I could follow the mixed emotions that run through my mind while reading the book. Anger was on that topped them all. I couldn’t believe the lies and accusations that were brought against a man that was kind, gentle, compassionate, and full of love for others.
Dr Moriarty gave great detail about Michael’s life. I find that she did an excellent job in researching his family situation, his career, his emotions, his triumphs and the heartbreaks.
Michael was amazing; he was one of the biggest humanitarians that ever lived and the author made sure that we all understood the importance of this superb human being.
This book is great!!!! And I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know the true facts about Michael’s life and not all the junk that were told in the newspapers and on TV, controlled by people who cared only about how many papers they could sell or how many people would be watching their shows. Again I must reiterate. This is a FABULOUS BOOK!!!

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